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Natasha Corcoran BSc, Dip, H.I.C.A.T
Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapy, Life Coaching,Holistic Complementary Therapies. *IAOTH registered.

Qualified and able to offer specialist sessions to meet the needs of autistic individuals. 


On my journey to becoming a Holistic Complementary Therapist, H.I.C.A.T Therapist and Life Coach, I have worked though the effects of my own chronic, debilitating physical pain and illness. I have also overcome obesity and survived  life-threatening trauma and significant loss . 

Through determination,  curiosity, introspection, education, training and holistic well-being practices, I have discovered how to navigate challenges in ways that enable me to resurface even stronger, happier and more resilient than ever before. 

I am interested in learning about your own personal, lived experience and I am grateful to be able to offer you a range of creative, therapeutic tools and techniques via 1-1 and group sessions tailored to empathically support your individual needs. 

I have a passion for helping to empower anybody who is curious about exploring their current situation with the motivation to become proactive in their own healing or create positive changes in their lives. 

If you are autistic, you may be interested to know that I also have specialist autism knowledge & experience which enables me to work positively with autistic people in an sensitive and understanding way; respecting individual needs and differences.

I feel it is my life's purpose to provide a safe, nurturing environment where I can help people to reduce stress, improve their well-being,  identify their strengths and challenges or work through whatever may be blocking them from living happy and fulfilling lives.


If you are going through a difficult time, I can support you to discover that not only can you survive physical, emotional and mental challenges, but they can push you into an expansive space of thriving and rising like the mythical phoenix from the ashes!

What people say about Natasha : 

" A natural teacher and productive ​empath. Freed me from cages I didn't even know I was stuck in and all we did was chat and have fun. She reads people very well" ( Anonymous Mum- Maidstone, Kent)​

" Natasha has an aura of not only kindness, nurture and pure respect for others, but even more so, [ is a ] force of goodness and positivity..."

( David- Somerset ) 

" Natasha gave me the space to talk through a challenging family situation. Her positive and insightful support helped me manage my worries so I could be the parent I needed to be" ( Amy B - Rochester) 

"Natasha is a beautiful soul and her warmth, kindness and determination is infectious and inspiring" ( Marcello - Worcestershire) 

" Natasha has an ability to quickly grasp the individual, emotional motivating factors and at the same time see the bigger picture. She gave me some ideas around balancing different areas of my life. This advice was gentle , but clear and , as it was based on having really listened to my concerns , it really struck a chord with me. It helped me to see what my priorities were and shaped a subsequent key decision in my career. She is able to cut through the noise that surrounds and clouds difficult decisions and get to the key points in  a kind and non- judgemental way. "

( Annie - Glasgow) 

With lifelong interests in psychology , philosophy, mental health, autism and holistic, personal development; I have a BSc degree in Psychology and Drama , Diploma in Life Coaching, Diploma in Holistic Massage, NVQ in Health and Social Care. I am a Healer member of The Healing Trust and am a qualified H.I.C.A.T practitioner. I am also registered with the *International Association of Therapists ( IAOTH)    . Insured through Balens ( .

I have worked for many years in the social care sector, helping people to identify goals and create stepped plans to free themselves from significantly challenging situations such as the threat of homelessness, debt or institutionalisation. 

I regularly improve and update my training to help me support people facing different kinds of life - challenges. I have completed CPD training in Healing Trauma, so I can work in a trauma- informed way. 

Keen to continuously improve my knowledge of holistic health , spiritual growth and well-being, I am actively studying Buddhist Dharma and Somatic practices such as yoga and martial arts.

I practice mindfulness meditation, aswell as taking a special interest in art,  nutrition , aromatherapy and herbal remedies for my own self- care.

I believe in person- centred services with no ' one size fits all approach' .

I have always found creative activities very therapeutic. I strongly believe that arts support authentic self- expression and positive mental well-being. My HICAT training has enabled me to develop and facilitate holistic creative therapy programmes aimed at supporting a range of individual and diverse well-being needs. . 

Now I am equipped to offer a different kind of therapy which empathises and acknowledges individual, authentic, experience. 

My specialist autism services draw on not only my direct, personal experience, but also my degree, training and the knowledge gained from talking, listening to and working with others. 

More information is provided in the ' Services' section below ......



Holistic Integrative Creative Arts Therapy ( H.I.C.A.T)


H.I.C.A.T uses a combination of creative , therapeutic techniques including arts, sculpture, play, sound, drama, movement and relaxation to support and improve physical and emotional health and well-being. It is holistic in it's approach; recognising the connection between mind, body and environment and acknowledges that every individual is different. There is no ' one size fits all approach'.

H.I,C.A.T is especially useful for processing and exploring themes and ideas which can be difficult to talk about. 

More than just art for fun and stress-relief, H.I.C.A.T sessions include guided relaxation, creative therapeutic activities , facilitated discussion and reflection. No artistic experience is required. Authentic expression is encouraged. 

  • 30 min Initial Consultation : FREE

  • 1-1 Session in person in Kent ( 1.5hr ) : £ 35 or online via Zoom :£25.

  • Raise The Phoenix Package ( Includes : Initial consultation, Free consultation, plus 5 x monthly or fortnightly sessions online ) : £150 in person or £100 online (Payment plans can be negotiated for those on tight budgets. Please call to enquire.)


This 8 week group therapy programme is designed for people who have been formally identified ( ' diagnosed '), or have identified themselves as autistic during adulthood. Over a series of 8 sessions, the course aims to support people to : 

- Process their ' diagnosis' and what Autism means for them.

- Cultivate a positive and integrated Autistic identity 

- Learn creative and therapeutic techniques to help reduce stress and improve well-being. 

- Explore common themes for late- identified autistic adults such as masking, social relationship issues, sensory differences, and reflecting on past, present and future goals. 

- Reduce feelings of isolation by connecting with other autistic individuals going through a similar process. 

NEW DATES: This therapy programme will run for 8 weeks on MONDAYS- 16TH,23RD & 30TH September , 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th October, 4th November from 7-9pm


VENUE: Intra Arts, 337-341, High Street, Rochester ME1 1DA

COST : £150. 10% Discount for early bird booking, if paid in full before the end of July. 

I am not in currently in a position to offer subsidised places due to running costs, but can offer payments by instalments. 

INFORMATION: - Please note when booking, you will be signing up for the 8 week course, as each week builds on therapeutic benefits and     insights gained from the weeks before.

- These are not stand alone ' drop- in sessions', but are designed as a complete course. Whilst I understand things might come up and a session might be missed, refunds can not be given for missed sessions. 

- Limited spaces available as smaller groups create a more therapeutic and less overwhelming setting.

- Individual needs will be accommodated as far as practically possible within the group.

- Sessions are designed to be nurturing and welcoming; cultivating a sense of sensory, physical , social and emotional safety.

- People are encouraged to join in and share as much or as little as they feel comfortable.

- Detailed information and directions provided once you have signed up 

HOW TO BOOK: Please use the Contact form for queries or to make a booking enquiry .

Please be aware this particular course is not currently facilitated to meet the needs of adults with learning disabilities .


Life Coaching on Zoom

I use a holistic and person- centred approach to coaching. 

We will explore where you are now and where you would like to be; supporting you to address barriers to you living the life you want.

I will support you to create a stepped plan to help you to achieve your personal goals ;empowering you to make the changes you wish to see and create an enriched , authentic and fulfilling life.

  • 30 min Initial Consultation : FREE

  • Online Session ( 1hr ) : £30

  • Raise The Phoenix Life Coaching Package ( Includes : Initial consultation, Free consultation, plus 4 x monthly or fortnightly 1 hour coaching sessions online ) : £100  (Other payment plans can be negotiated for those on tight budgets. Please call to enquire.)

1-1 life coaching
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Holistic Healing ( In person and on Zoom ) 

Holistic Healing is a natural process which involves a flow of energy between the healer and recipient to being about improvements in health and well-being.

You will be asked to sit or lie down on your back in a relaxed position. If healing in -person, your healer will work with hands a short distance from your body or with with a light touch .

People experience a range of sensations during healing ; from relaxation and bliss, tingling, feelings of warmth or coolness , arising emotions or other sensations whilst the energy goes to work .

Healing can be used in addition to medical treatment or other therapies and interventions and addresses the underlying causes of symptoms, by helping the body enter a healing process at its own pace. Sometimes people feel better instantly; sometimes gradually during the days after healing, or over the course of a number of sessions. It can be especially helpful during a crisis or when you need to bring a sense of balance into your life. 

Natasha is a qualified Healer Member of The Healing Trust ( Formally NFSH) 

  • Initial 30 minute consultation : FREE 

  • Holistic Healing on Zoom : £20 per session 

  • Holistic Healing in Person in Kent : £35 per session

" My healing experience was very warm and fuzzy. I felt like I was being wrapped in huge, parental, loving arms. the next day I woke with less lower back pain and a fantastic mental attitude. Highly recommend " 

Sharna, Kent.

Holistic Healing



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